Advantline Efficiency is a solution connected to the production line for monitoring and analyzing real processing cycles and delay reasons.

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Benefits of using Advantline:

  • Increased discipline among the line workers.
  • Clearly identified and commented reasons of time loss.
  • Real time overview of factory heartbeat from your office or anywhere in the world.
  • High quality data and statistics for decision making and production planning.
  • Improved production capacity and cost-efficiency.
  • Exact data of employee work hours.
  • Solution can be applied to various lines both old or new.
  • Installation requires mounting only one additional sensor or output signal from line equipment.
  • Modern look to your factory.

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Advantline efficiency

Not just a scoreboard, Advantline makes production cycles and downtime reasons instantly transparent. Personnel from operators to managers will feel being connected to production issues. This naturally leads to improved efficiency even before analyzing true downtime reasons.

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System layout:

Advantline displays (Line1, Line2 etc.) are mounted next to production lines for visualizing processing cycles and commenting delay reasons. Produced items (cycles), commented delay reasons and definition are stored in central database. Reporting provides data over the local network (LAN) or internet from database.